Chardonnay is the best selling varietal of wine in the United States, but where did it even come from? Chardonnay grapes started being cultivated in Eastern France during the 12th century because they were robust and resilient. Chardonnay grapes thrive in a wide variety of environments and are the most commonly planted grape varietal in the world. This varietal became popular in the United States because of its positive interactions with oak as well as how easily it acclimated to the climate in California.

In 1976 the world was stunned when a California Chardonnay and a California Red both beat French wines in a wine competition in Paris. Since then California has cemented its place as one of the hottest wine producing capitals of the world. Unfortunately it also cemented California Chardonnay’s flavor profile as bold and buttery. Today all that is changing, though. Learn more about California Chardonnay from this infographic!



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