If you’ve ever been to California you may have seen a driverless car on the road. They’re legal to operate in California, but to date only 4 states in the United States have even passed laws pertaining to self driving cars and/or automated driving. There are many levels of driving automation with driverless cars being at a Level 4, but even most standard cars on the road today come with some form of driving automation.

Google isn’t the only company testing out automated driving these days. Of the top 20 automated driving patent holders, Toyota comes in at number 1 with over 3000 patents. Other mainstream consumer brands testing out driving automation include Ford, Volkswagen-Porsche, Daimler AG, General Motors, Honda, and BMW. It’s just a matter of time before driverless cars make an appearance on a street near you! Learn more about automated driving and driverless cars from this infographic!



  1. The self-driving cars are really something to look forward too, but I think we are still pretty far from a perfect self-driving car system. I’m amazed to see that there are so many big companies that have approached this idea, I only knew about google car, but it seems that the are many more like it.


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