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Entrepreneurs Are From Everywhere [Infographic]

If you’re thinking about starting a business, do you think about where that business should be located? Probably not. You are where you are and you’re probably focused on having a good idea that fulfills a need over which state is the best place to pay taxes. If you have a good idea and your business does well you can always relocate later.

But where would you go? There are some surprising places that provide excellent climates in which to do business. Fargo, North Dakota is in the top ten best cities to start a business, and Wyoming has a very favorable tax climate. You don’t have to be located in Silicon Valley or Austin in order to start a successful business.

Some of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs come from Anytown, USA- proof you don’t need to build your startup in California. Learn more about where top entrepreneurs come from with this infographic!


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