Your business needs a solid foundation for connection and communication. That means a website, an email pathway, and of course, a good way to call in via phone. And cell phones are not always the best for business communications. And there tend to be occasional issues with landlines these days because of infrastructure changes. And that means that some type of VOIP service might be exactly what you’re looking for.

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and it basically functions as a phone line (plus other benefits!) that goes over your internet cables and service lines. If you’re thinking of beefing up your company communications network, keep in mind the basics of this service, and then the pros, the cons, the cost, and the overall benefit.

The Basics

The basic differences between normal phone service and VOIP are going to be in the categories of number availability, cost of service, and clarity of communication. Understanding the difference in technology between landline, cell, and VOIP will help you filter through why these changes occur and what they mean, but the overall goal remains the same – to have you quickly connected to your client base with maximum possible quality in terms of messaging and availability.

The Pros

The positives in moving to VOIP service fit directly in the above mentioned categories. You’ll often find it easier to port numbers and determine which ones you want to use, the cost of service can be significantly better than having a landline, and the clarity of calls over VOIP can be outstanding as opposed to the muddy sound that we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years of landline phones and cell service. In addition, VOID can include video data.

The Cons

The biggest con when it comes to VOIP services deals with reliability. VOIP relies on wall power, which means if your electricity goes out, so does your connection. However, smart businesses are going to have a generator on hand and backup power, so if your personal infrastructure is setup to prevent this, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The Cost

Cost ranges dramatically between services. You can sometimes pay a very small amount and just include the services on equipment you already have, but other times that are custom units that you can purchase from companies that have specialized benefits built into the concept, depending on your business requirements.

The Overall Benefit

Overall, many businesses tend to be extremely happy with their decisions to go with VOIP, especially in large cities and urban areas where signal strength is high. The clarity of conversations alone is enough to make many people make to want the switch over, as misunderstandings of words become a thing of the past.


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