At this point we pretty much know who are Presidential contenders will be in November. No matter who gets elected, a whole bunch of people are threatening to move to the land of Poutine and ice hockey. But just how easy is it to move to Canada?

Remember, we don’t exactly have open borders. You are free to visit Canada with your passport, but you can’t set up shop once you get there. They will only take you if you meet certain qualifications. If you already have family there, that may be your best bet.

Every election results on a whole lot of unhappy people, but the spike in both applications and relocations was greatest after George W. Bush was elected. There are folks on both sides of the aisles threatening to make a move if their candidate isn’t elected, but they might be in for a rude awakening once they fill out their paperwork. Learn more about America’s election exodus from this infographic!



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