Addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted. It affects families, communities, children, schools, and hospitals. The results of addiction affect finances and safety of people in the proximity of addictive behaviors. It’s not a small issue, and it doesn’t have small results. That’s why it’s so important to understand the various kinds of experiences that individuals can have with it.

So, some topics worth considering might be what it’s like to live with an addict, different ways to understand what addicts go through, financial decisions you might have to make dealing with an addict, safety issues that come up, and some of the overall psychological implications that come from both the inside and the outside of the situation.

Living With an Addict

People who are either pushed into the situation of living with an addict, or the ones who did it consciously and intentionally, are going to go through some pretty serious life changes. And depending on what stage of addiction the person in question is in, the changes will be different. Addiction, though common, isn’t normal, and doesn’t allow for normal social behavior – even things like being able to keep alcohol in the house, or having to lock up medicine cabinets. These are very real fears.

Understanding an Addict

To understand an addict, one of the best ways to do your research is to read books about addiction, or sometimes even better, read journals that addicts have written, either during their addiction or afterward during their recovery. You will be amazed at how both strength and weakness is imagined and constructed in world form, and literature is one of the most immersive ways to dive into the mind and feelings of someone who is struggling.

Financial Decisions With an Addict

Because addicts, by definition to a degree, are out of control with regard to some of their actions, handling money around addicts is going to be a challenge. You have to know when to say and no, and when the addict is maybe even lying about what he or she needs money for.

Safety Issues With an Addict

Some addictive behaviors come with certain unsafe baggage. In the case of drugs, there are addicts who use unsafe methods to make their drugs, or something don’t use safe equipment for the creation of or disposal of, so that will also come with the territory of being around the addictive subculture.

Psychological Implications of Addiction

And finally, just the psychology of addiction is something that individual or communities at large are login to have to deal with as well. From the issues with control to the trouble with recovery, and the combination of depression or other mental illnesses, there’s a lot to handle just in terms of what’s inside the mind.



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