The desire to start your own business at some point in your life is pretty common. What else is pretty common, is that once you see how complicated and expensive it is, the dream ends before it even really begins. Your hopes get lost in a fog of business plans and licensing doubt.

But, if you choose to go the franchising route, then you can still have your own business, you just get to follow a preordained plan, which takes a lot of the complication out. You still have to work hard and be smart, and you profit from that, but at least you’re not reinventing the wheel. Consider these five tips when it comes to franchising, including reading the FAQs first, browsing through success stories, looking into what make some fail, thinking about your level of commitment, and gauging how much support you have.

Look Over the FAQs

Though using franchise opportunities isn’t going to be as complicated as complete starting your own business, there are still a number of FAQs that you should go over before making a concrete decision about the matter. Depending on what type of business you’re franchising, and the specific requirements they have, it’s better to go over those questions sooner rather than later.

Read the Success Stories

There are lots of franchise success stories out there for you to read about, and that’s a good place to start your self-education as well. With success in your mind, that gives you a goal, a plan, and a sense of purpose. The more success you understand, the more you can model your own efforts after them! The point isn’t to be unrealistic – the point is to be inspired.

Find the Failures

But with all of the success stories, there are a number of failed franchises as well, both on a personal level and at the level of the owner of the brand itself. Business acumen has to be a part of the plan from the owner to the ownee, the leaser to the lessee, and if there’s a kink in the level of quality down the line, there can be trouble.

Think About Your Level of Commitment

Working inside the franchise system takes a strong sense of commitment. It’s not something ┬áthat you can approach lightly, either from the side of how much work it will take, or how much money it will involve, especially at the beginning of the process.

What Is Your Support Group Like?

And finally, where is your personal support coming from for this venture? Is this going to be a family effort, or perhaps you and some friends? If you don’t have that support system set up, the entire process is going to be much more difficult, so set up that web in advance if possible.


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