Southern California is a world unlike anywhere else. Despite the sunshine and miles and miles of ocean coast, the ocean is not the only thing that Southern California offers to it’s residents and visitors alike. California is diverse in culture which makes any time spent there interesting. When you visit Southern California, you might tire of the traffic pretty quickly, but you sure won’t run out of things to do.

In no particular order, here are some of the top things you need to enjoy while in the south of Cali:

The Food

If you come from a small town that is limited in its range of culture, then you’ll be amazed at the choices you’re faced with in the land of California when it comes to food. Due to the high amount of immigrants in the area, especially from Mexico, you’ll get some of the freshest, most authentic, cheapest and most delicious Mexican food available.

The food in Cali is not limited to just amazing tacos, burritos and enchiladas, however. In Southern California, you’ll also find a lot of fresh seafood and Asian influenced cuisine. The whole of California is famous for its fusion of different foods from all over the world. Because it’s a mecca for people of all kinds of different races and cultures, you can find influences of cuisine from all over the world within blocks of one another.  

The Entertainment

Since SoCal is so well known for it’s link to Hollywood and is the place where most major movies and television series come out of, the opportunities for entertainment in the sunshine basin are literally unlimited. Snag yourself a couple of nights lodging at a nice place and plan to spend spend your time being entertained in every way you could possibly imagine.

Go to a sporting event, hit all of the popular beaches, go to a club, go to a concert, go to a play, go to all of the theme parks available to you, and immerse yourself in the entertainment culture that is Southern California. You’ll have to keep coming back to get your fill of everything.

The Ocean

You can’t ignore the ocean when you’re visiting SoCal. The amount of coastline guarantees that you can find a spot on a beach somewhere that is hardly inhabited. Chances are pretty good that you’ll also see somebody filming for a show or movie or you’ll see some models doing work with the wind in their hair and a photographer capturing their essence.

That’s just part of the California life. Locals don’t even blink when they pass a celebrity on the street, as it’s just a regular occurrence for them. You might ultimately get tired of the sun and traffic if you decided to live in Southern California, but it’s sure a nice place to visit every once in awhile!


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