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5 Ways to Increase Internet Safety at Work

A single security breach could put your entire company in jeopardy. In addition to wasting thousands of hours trying to get your business back on track, having to tell your clients their data was compromised could permanently damage your credibility. Here are five ways you can immediately boost your company’s digital security in order to avoid an expensive breach.

Store as Little Information as Possible

Most criminals want to break into your system in order to access sensitive data they can make a profit off of. Systems that store less information are typically not worth the criminal’s time. This is why every business should have a protocol for storing as little information as possible and regularly purging that data when it is no longer needed.

Upgrade Your Firewall

A firewall is your first line of defense against malware and breaches, and your current firewall might not be as effective as you think. Older firewalls should immediately be updated or replaced as they most likely have vulnerabilities. Employees who connect to company servers from home should have a commercial-grade firewall as well.

Be Wary of Emails

Phishing emails have become quite advanced in recent years, and these scams could be your company’s biggest risk. Clicking a single unknown link or downloading a file can compromise your entire system and result in a security catastrophe. Whenever you or an employee are in doubt, you should always check with the sender.

Focus on Employee Training

Digital security awareness should be integrated into your employee training program no matter what job or role is being filled. These programs should cover the basics such as updating anti-malware software and choosing safe passwords. Employees should also be educated on the risks of using their personal devices for business purposes. There is definitely nothing worse than having any type of safety issues at work. By using security awareness you can make sure that your business stays as safe as possible. Things like this can really help make work a safer place to be.

Create a Backup of Key Data

Malware often locks down or completely deletes important files, and this could bring your company to a standstill. Information such as your enterprise data should be saved on a secure server at all times. For many companies, a cloud storage service with multiple layers of security will be the best option. Having a backup of this data will allow you to continue doing business even if your company has been attacked.

There is no single trick that is going to keep your business 100 percent safe. Instead, you and your employees must remain vigilant at all times while protecting sensitive data with multiple layers of security.

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