You Won’t Believe The Difference A Door Can Make 1

When was the last time you painted your front door, or had new screens put in your back door? When was the last time you had your garage door repaired or replaced? Not to mention the garage’s back door.

There are reasons we have doors in our homes. They keep things in, they keep things out. But are you simply keeping things out because your doors are scary, or maybe because the garage door doesn’t even open?

Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing people see right before entering your home. It makes sense that you’d want to give them a good impression of what they are going to find when they come inside. That means you want a door that doesn’t have squeaky hinges or flaking paint.

Consider painting your front door a color that stands out. Red doors are extremely popular, for many reasons. Consider a shade of red. If red clashes with the rest of your home’s color, find out what will go with it, and consider a different, fresh color. Something like salmon or coral would go well with a green house, or even a blue one.

Your Back Door

While you don’t have to make your back door something as intricate as the front, since less people are likely to see it, you should at least make sure that it is working properly. The same goes with all the doors of your home. Do they close, lock, do the screens have holes? All of these things matter.

If you have a tendency to leave your back door open to let fresh air in (or the front door even), you want to make sure that the screens are free of holes so that you don’t end up with a home full of bugs.

Your Garage Doors

Just like you want the rest of the doors in your home to close and lock properly, so too do you want the doors on your garage. You may even keep the door connecting your home to your garage locked, just in case, so take care of that one as well. The back door to your garage doesn’t need to be inviting, but it does need to be a barrier of protection.

As far as your garage doors, the ones you drive your car through, if it’s been awhile since you’ve repaired or replaced them, maybe it’s time. Maybe they are simply faded and looking dented and old, and they still work fine. Even in this case, you may want to consider getting replacements. It will spruce up the look of your home from the outside, and make you happier each time you enter.


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