Do you feel like you’re doing your best possible work, but no one seems to notice? There’s a good reason for that. Chances are good that you’re coming to work, sitting at your desk, performing your duties to perfection, and leaving at the end of the day without anyone truly acknowledging what you’ve accomplished. It’s time to get proactive and start doing things to score brownie points with your boss or superiors. A little tooting of your own horn goes a long way when it comes to the right people paying attention to you. Following are three tips you can use to help advance your career.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

It’s far too easy to come in, do your job, then leave for the day without ever saying a word to anyone apart from necessary communication. In the long run, you do yourself no favors by acting like a drone. It’s better to be proactive by talking about your ideas for the project, what might benefit the company, or productivity tools that streamline a process. For example: the office servers are constantly filling up, running slow, and hard to access when you’re away from the office. Bring up the use of a secure cloud service that makes it easy for authorized users to log into while keeping out hackers.

It may feel uncomfortable to talk oneself up. But it’s the best way to show others that you’re more than capable of bringing ideas and valuable talent to the table.

Cooperate with Co-Workers

The phrase “be a team player” may be worn out, but have you put thought to the meaning behind it? There’s a good reason why this phrase exists. If you decide to put in as little effort as possible for whatever reason, it shows. And your co-workers notice. They’re going to discuss your lack of effort and point it out to superiors. Eventually word gets around that you’re not someone who plays well with others.

Don’t be this person. Put your best foot forward even if you don’t like someone or the project. It’s an opportunity to learn to overcome a dislike and show people what you’re capable of. Effort gets noticed and you’re much more likely to advance in the organization than not.

Be an Eager Learner

Don’t ever be afraid to try things outside of your skill set. The more you know, the more valuable you become to the company. It also makes you look good to your boss because you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and become proficient in another area. It gives both you and your boss more flexibility when it comes to the type of work you’re assigned.

The worst thing you can do for your career is to be idle. Make the effort to know your coworkers, put your best foot forward, and do as good of a job as you possibly can. It pays off in the long run when it comes time for a raise or promotion.

Image via Flickr by Me-Liss-A


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