Are machines taking over all our jobs?  Well, that’s not likely.  Artificial intelligence may be capable of beating a human in chess, but at this point someone still had to program the artificial intelligence with the right moves to do so.  In short, computers are only as smart as we tell them to be and they are only capable of doing what we tell them to do.  Humans are still responsible for coming up with the ideas and making sense of the output.

Automation can free up our time for more creative ideas, allowing us to achieve more with the help of a computer than we ever could hope to on our own.  In marketing, this means the human marketer sets the parameters for the campaign and the computer scales is larger than the human ever could alone.  With pay-per-click advertising a computer can go out and find the leads, make sense of who might be the most likely to buy, and then turn that information over to the marketer who can follow up and turn those clicks into sales.  Learn more about marketing automation from this infographic!



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