When Tiger Woods got caught with his pants around his ankles, so to speak, the world up roared in laughter over reports that he was a sex addict. However, as funny as it may seem to someone that has never had any kind of an addiction problem, no addiction is a laughing matter. In fact, sex addiction can lead to many other problems, not just the marital kind.


Sex addicts aren’t just having sex for fun, like drugs and alcohol it is an addiction. But, they also may not realize they have a problem, so they are less likely to get help. However, there are some major risks involved when it comes to a sex addiction.

Risks Of Sex Addiction

Obviously, if you are in a relationship, or you are married, and you’re getting your voracious sexual needs filled by more people than just your significant other, your relationship is at stake. Not only could you lose your spouse, your children, and more, but you could also be bringing home diseases that could affect your spouse and future children.

In fact, some studies have shown that 45 percent of women and 38 percent of men that suffer from sex addiction have a venereal disease. Even with proper protection used all the time there are still chances of spreading these diseases to all of the other people they sleep with. And, with the rise in diseases like aids, sex addicts could be signing their own death warrants.

Another risk is pregnancy. With women suffering from sex addiction, it appears that at least 70 percent have had an unwanted pregnancy. That leads to more abortions, more children in foster homes, and more children that could be in abusive families.

How Do You Know If You’re A Sex Addict?

Well, for one, if you have a lot of sex with many different partners, that may be a sure sign. Especially if afterward you see the fact that you hadn’t intended to have so much sex, and with so many different people. But, there are also other signs that you may be a sex addict.

You may find that you are constantly thinking about sex, maybe so much that you aren’t getting your normal daily work or home activities accomplished. You may spend most of your days looking for your next conquest.

You probably will also get mad or angry if you don’t get sex from somewhere when you want it. And even when your spouse leaves you, you still continue your risky behavior of having sex with numerous partners, including strangers.

If any of these things sound like you, or even someone you love, talk to someone. You need to do something about your risky behavior before it’s too late. Sex addiction is no laughing matter, and it can risk the lives of many.


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