Florida Travel: Tips to plan a trip to “The Sunshine State”!

Florida is one of the most favored vacation spots in the US. The prime reason for this immense popularity lies not only in its 1200 miles of immaculate white sand beaches but a wide spectrum of curious alternatives that this “sunshine state” offers to its visitors. Be it aimed for cultural adventure, art exploration, voyaging through local history, music festivals, romantic cruises, children entertainment coupled with glamorous celebrity spotting – Florida steals the show for a diverse vacationer’s selection. The main centers of attraction are Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Naples and St. Petersburg.

When to go

Florida has a mild tropical weather throughout the year. The summer months are the most crowded ones as people want to make most of the silver beaches while being able to bask in the golden sun. However the off-seasons during the months of April and May called as Florida’s spring again between September to November that is Florida’s autumn are however easy on the pocket and also weather. Furthermore, it is advised to avoid months of June to October, since this is the hurricane, lightning and storm season for the state.

Where to stay

Florida being a prime tourist based area is dotted with a variety of vacation homes, condos, villas, inns, resort hotels, bed and breakfast lodges etc. You can specifically find places to suit your budget and interests. You can also look for golf and other sport related resorts, family-oriented child-friendly hotels, honeymoon resorts, pet friendly hotels, etc.

What to do

Florida can be marked with several types of vacationing themes. You can turn it into a wildlife adventure with a visit to the Tampa Bay area, Busch gardens, Weedon Island, Lowry Zoo. Then there is the Jonathan Dickenson State park, the eco-tours to Everglades, in the east coast and Fort Myers in west coast. Also not to miss is the Apalachicola National Forest near Panhandle.

With a wide expanse of available golf courses, you can also pick up a golf program and practice here undisturbed for hours. There are about 1100 private and public golf courses to choose from.

For children and family entertainment you can choose to visit the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World Orlando, Aquatica Water Park, Kennedy Space Center, etc. You can also include a visit to St. Augustine for a historical tour or to the Spanish fort at Castillo de San Marcos.

If adventure sports are your elixir of life then Florida is your drug. The sunshine state is brimming with dolphin riding, parasailing, hiking, biking, wild camping, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, diving to explore sunken ships, skydiving, race cars, hot-air ballooning, exploring pre-historic underwater caves, scuba diving, etc. Look out for packages offered by various resorts along with specific sport classes too.

You can also choose to have a driving vacation as Florida enjoys an excellent driving network with RV (recreational vehicle) parks. Look out for scenic highways of Pensacola, Florida Keys, Old Florida heritage highway, Tamaimi trail, etc.

For superfine beaches and inviting water you can visit the beaches at Clearwater in Tampa Bay, Siesta Key and Sarasota in Anna Maria, Orlando in Central Florida, Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Treasure Coast, Jacksonville in St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers Beach, Miami South Beach, Palm Beach, South Florida, Key West and Florida Keys.

Precautionary steps

With water sports playing a chief ingredient in Florida tours, remember to keep an eye for drowning friends or kids. Remember to read the rules and regulations before you indulge in water activities.
Also being too much exposed on the sun can cause dangerous skin reactions and health disorders, hence you should be careful to pack a big tube of sunscreen in addition to applying it before setting outdoors to re-applying it every two hours. Also use a wide-brimmed hat when traveling outdoors in the daytime. Drink water and wear light clothes to avoid sun-strokes.

The Sunshine State definitely packs equal punch to keep everyone in the family content be it your toddlers, teens, young adults, couples or seniors. The place is brimming with activities to suit every pocket and all intentions. With year round festivals of history, culture, and renowned annual events, Florida’s calendar-year is packed with more than just sun, sand and water.

About the author: Alia is a freelance writer, who loves to churn articles on holidays and these days, she is working on Lac De Villedon.

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