When you think of virtual reality, do you think of video games?  Up until now that seems to be the most common application of virtual reality.  But with the accessibility of smartphones and Google Cardboard anyone can use virtual reality for any purpose.  Education is an obvious next frontier- wouldn’t you enjoy a boring history lesson about Pompeii so much more if you could be transported there to take a look around?

Real Estate is one business sector that could greatly benefit from virtual reality.  Builders could let clients look inside houses before they are built to decide what they want and make changes before construction begins.  Potential homebuyers could narrow the field of options before they go out to see homes with their agents by taking a virtual tour.  Knowing ahead of time the shag carpeting in the master bedroom is a deal breaker will save so much time for everyone involved!

Learn more about the practical applications of virtual reality from this infographic.



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