Back in 1890 when the chalkboard was invented people probably thought it was the end of good education.  Technological advances always seem scary to those who have never used them before.  The same could be said of overhead projectors, handheld calculators, and the iPad.  Though many folks have sounded the alarms over these advancements, they have actually ended up enhancing students’ educational opportunities.

The next frontier is virtual reality and augmented reality.  Imagine not just learning a lesson on the Saharan Desert, not just watching a video about it, but actually being transported there without having to leave the classroom.  History could come alive within a headset, as could music, art, and any other subject in school.

Remember when your teacher warned you to learn math because you wouldn’t always be carrying around a calculator?  That same smartphone you use to calculate your tip can be used with a virtual reality headset.  Learn more about the future of education from this infographic!



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