Taking selfies is such a part of modern-day culture that most millennials spend more than an hour a week putting their best face forward.  The average millennial takes 9 selfies a week, though they might not always make it to social media.  If you want every selfie to be social media worthy, there are a few tips and tricks you can adopt.

For starters, be aware of the light source, especially if you have glasses.  Try to tilt your face slightly away from the light.  Utilize the rule of thirds to get the best composition- divide the screen into 9 parts and offset your face slightly, aligning your eyes ⅓ of the way down the screen.  Try to position yourself so the background fades behind you.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear glasses, what age you are, or how many people are in the picture- a good selfie is a good selfie.  Learn more about how to take the best possible selfie with glasses from this infographic!



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