Millennials are rewriting the rules for success, and the sky’s the limit.  No longer is success measured in having a 40 hour work week at the same job for the rest of your life.  Millennials are more likely to trade after-hours emails for freedom and flexibility.  Millennials have their priorities straight and it shows.

For starters, millennials get more sleep on average than any other generation, clocking in at around 9 hours a night.  They are the first generation of digital natives, which makes them efficient and effective multi-taskers.  This largest generational cohort in history has a lot of advantages over previous generations in their adaptability to the modern world.

Learn more about the habits of highly successful millennials from this infographic.  You might be surprised to learn all the negative things you hear about millennials is just plain wrong.  Bashing millennials may be in vogue, but it is certainly not warranted!



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