Have you ever been out with your friends and had to listen to story after story about how they found love online? They may have paid a large amount of money on a membership to one of these “elite” dating sites, but what if we told you that you didn’t have to do that? So many people overlook the powers of a free dating site, it’s almost a shame. Why would any sane, money conscious person want to throw away their hard earned dollars on a website that is supposed to hook you up with your match—but there isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it will?


No, we’ve always fancied the services of a free online dating site to find the love we’ve been searching for—whether it is the love of a lifetime or the love for just tonight. Not convinced that these free alternatives are right for you? We get it. There’s a lot of misconceptions about free versus paid memberships to online dating sites; however, allow us to shed some light on why free is the way to be.

Choosing the Free Dating Site for You

We won’t lie to you and say that the free dating sites that are available are easy to choose from because it isn’t. There are so many options available, it can be difficult choosing the right one for you. For example, you can find sites that cater to a specific age bracket, a particular sexuality, and any other way you can think. However, if you were to join a general free dating site that encompasses everything you could possibly think of, your chances of finding love increase exponentially. Just think about it. When you don’t exclude one particular group of people based on one preference or another, you are broadening your chance for love. This is another great opportunity for you to date outside of your comfort zone and meet someone new. You never know where you may find love if you are just willing to look.

Also, when you choose a free dating site, you are saving a lot of money and meeting countless people all from the comfort of your own home—or at work, or while on the subway, or at the coffee shop. Who ever said that you couldn’t meet people via online dating outside of the home? Wherever there is WiFi, there is an opportunity to check your messages or search for a possible new match.

Signing Up For a Free Dating Site

The nice thing about signing up for an account with a free dating site is there is no pressure to actually commit to the site. If you sign up and discover you aren’t meeting the people that you had hoped, you can close out your account without having to worry about the money you wasted. Plus, you aren’t contractually obligated to stay with that dating service because you signed a contract, thus making your online dating experience less than pleasant because you feel stuck with a site that doesn’t offer the type of singles you are really looking for.

Free dating sites give you the opportunity to save money on membership fees so that you can spring for that fancy dress that you’ve been wanting to buy for the first date. Or it allows you to spend a little extra on that first date with someone who you feel is special enough to really try and impress. Now, we aren’t saying that memberships to other websites cost an arm and a leg, but there is a considerable difference between free and anything not free!

If anything, joining a free dating site gives you the chance to see if online dating is even something that you are interested in trying. You are able to experiment with the different sites until you find the one that really caters to your needs. You are able to meet countless singles either in your area or worldwide, and you are able to be yourself because you don’t feel like you have to put on airs just to impress someone. Without the pressures of getting your money’s worth from a paid membership, you can approach online dating with a carefree attitude that may more closely resemble your true self. And, isn’t that what you’re dating for? Trying to find someone who loves you for the person that you are?


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