Alcoholism, in its many forms and definitions over time, is a problem. And it doesn’t matter quite so much how you look at it, as it does how it affects the people around the central concept. You can say it’s a disease, you can say it’s a habit, you can say it’s a behavior, you can say it’s genetics; but ultimately, the sooner you deal with the core actions associated with it, the better.

So, five ways that you can accomplish this yourself, or similarly suggest these ways to someone close to you who is suffering, include signing up for a treatment program, heading to AA, following a recovery blog, finding support from close family, and making drinking more difficult or even impossible for yourself.

Sign Up for a Treatment Program

Easily one of the most effective ways to make sure that you take care of alcoholism professionally and with statistical accuracy is to sign up for a treatment program. Typically, the most effective version of that is going to be some type of residential program even, where you’ll essentially be under close watch while you get over some of the initial shock of trying to change.

Go To AA

Another path to recovery that many alcoholics have found effective is to join an AA program. Because of the history and group association that many people find to be comforting, it is a path that has been used since its very beginning to bring peace to people who could not find it elsewhere, and is, logistically speaking, a more financially feasible option that going to an official rehab center.

Follow a Recovery Blog

There are a number of great recovery blogs to read that can inspire you as well. They can serve either as a warning about what may happen next, or give you some options about what you can do to put yourself in a better situation, by understanding the context of someone else’s actions and consequences.

Find Support From Family

Very likely, your family is not going to be happy about your alcoholism, which means that if you tell them that you want them to help you out of it, they are probably going to be your biggest cheerleaders. This means parents, siblings, and even children; tell them what’s going on so they can support you!

Make Drinking More Difficult or Impossible

And another way to beat alcoholism is to make drinking impossible somehow. This is a similar idea to going to a rehab facility, except you have to figure out how to put obstacles in your own way. This may mean restricting your money flow, or your ability to drive, or even just going somewhere that no alcohol is within your reach conveniently when you get the urge.



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