Backpacking around Europe is on every college student’s bucket list, but where do you start?  Start with the backpack, of course!  There are a few tips and tricks to master when picking out and packing up the right backpack for your journey.  First off, pick the right size for the length of your trip.  The longer your trip, the larger your backpack should be, to a point.  Your backpack should fit your body frame comfortably.

Decide whether you plan to carry your backpack on the plane and check with the airline for size restrictions.  Of course, checking your backpack will cost more but it will also give you more flexibility.  Decide whether you want an internal or external frame backpack- each has its own advantages.  Then pack strategically so you don’t have to pull everything out every time you want something.  Learn more about backpacking from this infographic and then start planning your trip!



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