Have you ever put Champagne or sparking wine into a red wine goblet?  Chances are it didn’t taste or feel right.  So you know why?  Champagne flutes are elongated so the bubbles have a chance to rise for a long time.  Shorter glasses leave less room for bubbles to rise, causing your wine to taste and feel flat.

There’s a reason why there are so many different kinds of wine glasses out there- they each allow the wine drinker to experience different varietals the way the vintner intended.  You will get so much more enjoyment out of drinking a glass of wine if you drink it out of the proper glass, so why would you drink it any other way?  Wine glasses are designed with your maximum enjoyment of wine in mind, so you can learn more about pairing grape to glass from this infographic.  You might be surprised how much more you enjoy your favorite wine out of a proper glass!



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