Is Your Home Truly House Healthy?

Any parent will tell you that the family’s health is their top priority. As your kids grow up, you’ll do many things to ensure their well-being, from scheduling their annual checkups and keeping their vaccinations in order, to planning meals and making sure they get enough exercise. One thing that might get lost in the shuffle is the need to keep your household’s air quality properly maintained. And, although the link might not seem intuitive, this means keeping your energy usage under control.

In fact, the two components of the indoor environment, energy efficiency and air quality, are deeply intertwined. As such, finding ways to cut energy cost will also cut the pollution you generate, doubling your reasons for do so. Examples of ways to save money include replacing fridge gaskets, installing fans to circulate air through your home,  installing a programmable thermostat, installing or upgrading your insulation and window treatments, and having your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system regularly serviced by a qualified technician. The last one is especially important; an overtaxed system can introduce and recirculate pollutants in your home, so keeping it maintained and not overusing it is crucial.

Of course, nothing can replace the expertise of the trained service tech who inspects your HVAC system, but your own efforts can help keep things going in the meantime. Take a look at this infographic by Ross & Witmer. It provides common-sense advice that will help you save energy and keep your family safe and healthy.

house healthy infographic

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