Hopefully most early 20-somethings have thought about the concept of having credit. Having no credit is not the same as having bad credit, but it’s still not good credit. It’s inevitable though that a few Millennials might not realize their landlord may ask to authorize a credit check when they’re looking to rent their first apartment, or a prospective employer could want to run an employee credit check when they applied for their dream internship. If you’re financially responsible, you’re going to be a responsible employee, right? 🙂 (Don’t worry—they can’t actually see your credit score!) While waiting to use credit might seem like the most frugal thing to do, much to our dismay, credit is a necessary part of being an adult. That is if you ever want to buy anything substantial.

Read on to learn more about the preferences of the techy Millennial generation when it comes to the residential real estate market.



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