Going to college and earning a degree is a good step in starting a career. However, it won’t guarantee employment after graduation. Even if you attend a prestigious college and have an undergraduate or graduate degree, you might find that actually getting any employment will still require a lot of hard work. There’s also the possibility that you still have no idea of what you want to do after graduation, especially since a lot of majors don’t apply to just one career path.


All of this certainly sounds intimidating, but there are always resources available to you when you need help with your career path. Just about every college has a career resource center, and it is a great place to go whether you need help building a resume or you simply want to know the kinds of jobs available to you after you graduate.

Career Services Workshops

The career services available will vary from one college to the next, but at the very least many career resource centers will offer career service workshops throughout the school year. These workshops are great for those who are preparing to graduate but are unable to find an entirely comfortable beginning of a job search, as well as those who haven’t decided on a career.

There are bound to be several of these workshops being scheduled at any given time at your school, so stop by your career resource center to find out if there are any that may interest you. Don’t worry if you attend a school online either; many online colleges offer webinars and other workshops that can be completed from your home computer.

Applying for Campus Jobs

Although your main goal is to earn a degree that will lead to a career after you graduate, you can still find work and build your resume with an on-campus job. There are several ways to go about in finding such a job, but your career resource center will be a great place to begin your search. The career services at your college can inform you about the kinds of jobs available and point you at the right direction if you want to apply for any. Keep in mind that you still have to be hired for these jobs, so it’s not really guaranteed. Still, it’s a great way to get started in your job search and earn a little extra money between your classes while getting some valuable work experience.

Learning Valuable Job Seeking Skills

Finally, a career resource center can teach you some very valuable job seeking skills. This is probably the most important thing your college’s career services can do for you. As we said before, finding a job after graduation can be very difficult even if you have a degree, so you will need help crafting a resume, writing a cover letter and successfully completing a job interview. These are the kinds of things that rarely get taught in most college courses, but you can and should learn all about them at your school’s career resource center.


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