What do you know about the country Tuvalu? Come on. Admit it. You didn’t even know it existed, did you?  Many American Air Force troops were stationed on the islands of Tuvalu during WWII, but it’s been awhile since you were sitting on grandpa’s (or great grandpa‘s) knee as he regaled you with his most heroic wartime stories. I get it.

The next time you’re in the market for a laid back vacay in one of the more isolated regions of the world, Tuvalu may just be the perfect go-to relaxation spot for you. As the fourth smallest country in the world, Tuvalu consists of nine coral atolls with abundant opportunities for diving, snorkeling, yachting, and generally enjoying oceanic life. Its highest point is just 4.6 meters above sea level, which means these islands are incredibly vulnerable to climate change and rising sea levels, so plan your trip to see this beautiful piece of earth while you still can.

Learn more about the ten smallest countries in the world in this infographic, and you may be surprised what unforeseen adventures await you!



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