When you think about the roots of today’s modern music, how far back do you go?  Do you go back to the 1960s and 1970s when music was actually good and think today’s artists must be drawing from that time period?  Those artists had to draw from the work of previous generations, and much of the music produced over the past several decades can trace its roots back to one source: Jazz.

Long before there was modern hip hop, even before there was rock and roll, there was jazz.  The word “jazz” first appeared in print in 1913, and the freeform nature of the genre is illustrated in the many on-the-fly riffs making each performance unique.  Even the same song performed by different artists at different times are going to take on their own lives.  Learn more about this history of jazz and the evolution of music from this infographic. You might be surprised how closely your favorite genre is related to music from 100 years ago!



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