Here are some questions for you:  What’s the first thing you see in the mirror every day?  What’s the first things that makes an impression when you meet someone new? What’s the first thing your significant other wants to kiss with their supple lips?  What tragically gets washed with the same bar of soap, washcloth, or loofa that also washes your butt?  The answer:  more than likely, it’s your face.  

Dudes, your face is really important.  It’s possibly the biggest asset you own for getting anything you might want in life.  So, why aren’t you taking better care of it?

Studies show that men don’t wash their hands as often as women after using the bathroom. Your hands are FULL of bacteria that easily gets transferred to your face.

Maybe women corner the market on facial hygiene products, but why should they?  Your face is every bit as important.  Maybe it’s time to act like it because, dude, it’s your face!



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