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Onnit Alpha Brain Review

People tend to be drawn to things that are considered to be popular by others. This can range from everything to the popular kids at school to products that everyone seems to be using. However, this is hardly a good strategy when buying nutritional supplements and nootropics. Although some are quite popular, they don’t all produce the desired results and you may be left disappointed, if you go with what is popular without making sure it actually works.

A Trendy Supplement
Just because a product is trendy at the moment and the sales are good doesn’t mean the supplement contains quality ingredients and delivers results. In fact, the opposite appears to be true with this product, so always look for evidence of effectiveness before buying any product. Information can be found at Brain Enhancement Advisor about Alpha Brain and other supplements.

Less than Stellar Endorsements
Rather than using doctors and scientists, the makers of this product have hired marketing specialists, web designers, and paid endorsements from minor celebrities to tout the supplement. Although the strategy is attractive and may seem to be reliable, there is more style than substance here. Consumers should look beyond the nice looking website and paid endorsements and demand evidence before spending their money.

Always Look at the Ingredients
Alpha Brain ingredients include their “proprietary” Alpha GPC formula. This contains choline, vinpocetine, and huperzine A. There is nothing special about the formulation of the supplement. In fact, these ingredients are available in greater amounts in other memory supplements. The product contains no racetams and a complete ingredient list is not provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer and Advertising
The maker of this supplement is ONNIT labs. Unfortunately, rather than spending their budget on science and clinical studies, they have chosen to spend large amounts of money on web design and advertising. The result is a popular supplement that is overrated with little evidence or clinical studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

Product Reviews
Prior to purchasing this product, read an unbiased Onnit Alpha Brain review and user reviews to see how it has worked for others. In fact, some reviewers and users have compared the use of this product to how they feel after drinking a couple of cups of coffee. They have reported that their results are no better with this product than with coffee alone. If you want serious results and significant improvements in memory and cognitive function, this may not be the supplement for you.

A High Price Tag for Little Improvement
While the product doesn’t appear to produce dramatic results, the price tag is high. Too many people equate expense with quality. Although this may be true for luxury items, jewelry, and clothing, it does not always hold true in the supplement industry. If you take the time to research the ingredients in other supplements, you can easily find a product that contains better quality nootropics and often at the same price, or a lower price.

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