Kids – don’t play with fire! Especially while livestreaming and while smoking a cigarette and while playing with lighter fluid.

Here’s the backstory

Having filled a metal match box lighter with lighter fluid while he’s live-streaming on Twitch, this Japanese man strikes a match against the box, which immediately goes up in flames in his fingers. As he’s trying to put it out, he sets the still-burning match in a trash bag full of lighter-fluid-soaked tissues and turns his back. By the time he looks again the trash bag is on fire.

Throughout all of this, the comments of the other gamers on the Twitch stream are played over his speakers from a text-to-voice translator, as they try to tell him how to put the fire out.

Forward the 4:54 time on the video to see it all, literally go up in flames.

This madness just happened, like this weekend. I hope this guy got out ok and learned his lesson.


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