Imagine for a moment you’re running a delivery service.  You know if you can just get it off the ground and keep it there, it will do well.  The world needs this delivery service, but you can’t pay your fuel bill.  You take your last $5000 to Las Vegas, where you furiously play blackjack all night long until you win $27,000.  You pay your fuel bill and your company continues on, eventually becoming #65 on the Fortune 500 list.  Sound like a movie?  It actually happened in 1971 to FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith.

Throughout history, people have taken major gambles with their lives and with their fortunes.  Some have lost, and some have won big and changed the course of history.  Learn more about major gambles that paid off big throughout history  from this infographic.  Sometimes when you bet it all, you win bigger than you could ever have imagined!



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