Elon Musk sat down for an interview in Denmark on how sustainable transport will change the future and revealed a few developmental details about upcoming Tesla models.

Musk said that the Tesla Model S will “break the 1,000 kilometer [just over 620 miles]” mark within “a year or two,” and “2017 for sure.”

When asked about Tesla making a self-driving car, Musk said they were working on it. He said there is already an autopilot version for simple highways and roads that’s in beta testing available for wide release next month, but Musk said that Tesla is “three years away from full autonomy.” And regulators will be one to three years to clear self-driving cars after that.

On a European tour to check out Tesla operations, Musk pointed out his three-prong approach to creating a better world: Renewable energy (wind/solar), stationary storage systems (like the Tesla battery) and electric transport.

Musk wasn’t so optimistic about the future of Planet Earth, however. When the interviewer asked him, “What kind of cars will we be driving 20 years from now?”, he looks a little glum.

“I hope civilization is still around in 20 years,” Musk responded.

Image Source | www.emaze.com

Post Source | Geekwire


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