Imagine waking up to a world where there is no more internet.  No more emails, no more social networking, no more constant streams of information dominating your world and threatening your inner peace.  Sounds like a utopia, right?

Maybe it would be at first.  But what happens when you run out of food?  When you can’t drive to your yoga class?  What about when you run out of drinking water?  As much as we like to blame technology for all the world’s ills, we rely on that technology for even such basic things as drinking water and food.

Considering how much we rely on the world wide web for our basic needs, even a minor regional outage could have devastating effects.  There are threats to the physical infrastructure of the internet, such as sharks and ships’ anchors, and there are also threats to the programming of the internet.  Both sharks and hackers could have serious consequences to the world wide web.  Learn more about threats to the internet from this infographic.

Break-the-Internet 550px


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