Hoarding isn’t just something you watch on reality television.  It’s a serious mental disorder that tens of thousands of Americans live with every day.  It affects their health and their ability to hold down a job.  It affects their relationships with others.  And 80% of animal hoarders are living with dead or dying animals in their homes.

Even though there is a reality television show about hoarding and the information is out there about the disorder, only about 4% of Americans correctly identify hoarding as a mental disorder.  Most people think hoarders are just slobs who need a stern talking-to and a jumbo box of garbage bags.  In reality, they need serious help from a mental health professional to deal with the complicated nature of their problem.

Learn more about the reality and the fiction of hoarding from this infographic.  Chances are you don’t have all the information about hoarding!

hoarding-infographic 550px


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