Fireworks account for an average of 8500-9800 injuries and deaths every year in America, racking up nearly $8 million in medical costs in a single year.  The average fireworks injury patient can expect to spend nearly $12,000 just to treat the primary injury, and the cost balloons after the injury is stabilized and treated with physical therapy and other expenses.  While you might think this problem only exists around Independence Day, you are wrong.

Fireworks injuries happen year round.  They affect every age group and every part of the body, but the most common injuries happen to the hands and arms in the 25-44 age group.  Fireworks burn hotter than molten glass, so why do we let little children play with them?  While it’s true not everyone who uses fireworks gets injured, injuries are often severe and sometimes life threatening.  They are also totally preventable.  Learn more about fireworks injuries from this infographic.

fireworks 550px


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