We’re all starting to get concerned about the environment these days.  We want to leave something for future generations to enjoy, so we’re all making sacrifices.  But no one wants to sacrifice a great meal, and with a hyper-local community you won’t have to.


The farm-to-fork movement is all about getting the food from the farm to the table as quickly as possible with as little adulteration as possible.  The reason is twofold: first, it loses fewer nutrients the less time it sits in a truck or on a store shelf, second, there are fewer greenhouse emissions expelled into the atmosphere when food is transported a shorter distance.  The hyper-local food movement builds on this.  By supporting a farm-to-fork restaurant that is close in proximity to your own home, you double down on your carbon footprint savings.

Hyper-local food chains are the future.  Learn more about them from this infographic.

Arrow-Food-Couriers-aa8be58761a6f39e7ab0110b3c81f97d 550px


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