Learning to speak a few key phrases in the local language is a great thing to do before you travel, even if you know most people will be speaking English before you arrive.  When you travel to Hawaii, you are certain to be able to get by just fine speaking English the entire time.  But learning a few words and phrases in Hawaiian can really help you enjoy your trip much more.

Hawaiian and English are the co-official languages of Hawaii, and there has long been a fear that the Hawaiian language would die since the Westernization of the islands.  There are still, however, about 8000 native speakers of Hawaiian, so you will certainly have plenty of people to talk to if you do learn words such as “Kahuna” and “Makai.”

Even the alphabet is different in the Hawaiian language.  They have far fewer consonants, and ‘ is actually considered a consonant.  Learn all about the interesting nuances of the Hawaiian language from this infographic!

how-to-speak-hawaiian-the-language-of-the-aloha-st-01 550px


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