When you have an NBA player who takes 67% of his jump shots when open, that may not sound so great when compared to players like Paul Milsap and Draymond Green who take 81 and 89% of their open shots.  However, Milsap and Green have more experienced teams and therefore more openings for shots.  If Tobias Harris had more than 67% open jump shots, he would likely be able to take more chances.  As it stands, the best defense is no shot at all, so statistics show Harris is being consistent and careful.

Tobias Harris will be a free agent soon, and he may be the most undervalued free agent in the NBA.  Harris has 4 years of experience in the NBA already at the age of only 22.  Considering that most NBA players continue to improve until they reach the age of 25, Harris is likely to excel if he has the opportunity to play with more experienced players.  Learn more about Tobias Harris from this infographic!

tobias-harris 550px


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