If you’ve just found out your spouse is cheating, don’t throw in the towel just yet.  Cheating, though it isn’t ideal, happens all too often.  Nearly half of adults report their marriage has been affected by an affair, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

First, don’t snoop.  Treat your spouse as you would like to be treated and start to rebuild trust.  It’s crucial not to fall into the trap of self-pity.  Don’t spy, because that will break trust and give your spouse more reason to cheat.  Kill your spouse (not literally) with kindness so they can’t justify the affair.

Things can go wrong in even the most perfect marriage.  Many couples who have already been through an affair report it as a turning point in their marriages.  Stay the course- the average affair only lasts about 6 months, and once it’s over you can start to rebuild your relationship.

why-affairs-dont-last-infographic 550px


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