If you’re concerned you’re spending too much to watch that pay per view boxing match, consider this: the average cost to watch is only $2.50 per minute.  Compared with how much the fighters can actually take home – anywhere from $109k to well over $3.33 million per fight – it is actually a great value.  Tickets to attend the Mayweather versus Pacquino fight ran anywhere from $1500 to $7000 originally, and that’s not even taking scalpers into account.

The purses taken home in major prize fights are almost more important than titles these days.  They have a physically demanding job and deserve those payouts to be sure, and paying $100 for a pay per view boxing match is certainly much more palatable than traveling to Vegas to see it in person.  Learn more about the top ten prize fights in boxing from this infographic.  You might be surprised just how big the purses have gotten!

mayweather-vs-pacquiao-ppv-boxing-infographic 550px


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