Pizza is America’s #1 dinner choice.  It’s inexpensive, it’s fast, and they can bring it right to your door.  Now it’s also getting easier than ever to order it.  Many fast casual food places have their own smartphone apps, which means you can order pizza from your phone without ever having to make a phone call.  In fact, the big three pizza places experience 40-50% of ordering through digital means.  When your restaurant’s app is right in front of the consumer all the time, not only are they more likely to order out, but they are more likely to order from YOU.

Most restaurants experience exponential growth when they implement online and in-app ordering, but unfortunately many pizza chains don’t have mobile websites.  In fact, half of independent pizza places don’t have any sort of website at all.  Making it easy for your customers to order is important to your company’s bottom line.  Online ordering can mean more accurate orders and speedier service.  Learn more about the benefits of online ordering from this infographic.

Get-a-Bigger-Piece-of-the-Pie 550px



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