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Charge Your Apple Watch With The MiTagg NuDock

I’ve pre-ordered my Apple Watch – went with the 42mm Sport model in Space Gray with the black sport band.

My shipment date is scheduled around 4-6 weeks, which is perfect since I just ordered this MiTagg NuDock docking station to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s been a while since I ordered something from an Indiegogo campaign. This particular item really caught my eye not just for the fact that it’s an integrated piece that’ll charge both the iPhone and Apple Watch. And also not necessarily because it has a nice lamp feature. What really caught my attention was the portable battery that was included and the functionality included within that battery (the ability to locate your iPhone or Apple Watch, similar to what Tile does and the ability to snap photos using a remote trigger integrated into the battery pack).

Very slick!

Watch the video below for more on this coolness.

I was able to get in early enough to get the special perk of receiving 2 docking stations for the $129 price. The page says that pricing will end tonight and raise to $149.

James Hicks

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