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Hands On: Digital Film Tools’ EZ Mask 3.0

Today we review the EZ Mask 3.0 software by Digital Film Tools.  Literally, this was from a first time install using the plug in with Photoshop CS 6.  I’ve very little experience with masks, so you’ll get a feel how easy the software is to use for a novice.  In just the brief couple hours using the software to conduct the review, I’ve much appreciation for how powerful masks can be and plan to apply them (appropriately of course) to my Photoshop projects going forward.

The software is available for a 15 day free trial.  Please find information from the company about the product and the free trial here.  Cost of full license $150 which could easily pay for itself, given the utility.  The great thing is that you have plenty of time to verify it for yourself before you commit.

The software installed without a hitch and I never had any issues with crashing even though I was running not only the Photoshop and the the plug-in, but Camtasia and several other software packages.

System Specs –

  • Windows 7 64
  • intel i7 cpu – 2.93 Ghz
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 6

Video here:

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