Did you ever wonder or come to the realization that sometimes as a parent you wish a guide came with your child when they were born? How about when you graduated from high school, did you wish you had a plan for the next part of your life?


We honestly you are not alone in the feeling. For me relationships were a challenge. I used to look around and see so many people doing it right and think, “am I just doing something wrong?” Life can be frustrating for many of us. Having said that, I looked around to see any tools or sites that could help me get it right.

After reviewing this online tool “KLOOkit.com” I was able to see how others made relationships work but it did not stop there. KLOOkit.com had solutions that could help me in other areas as well.

Let me explain just what KLOOkit.com does. From what I gathered KLOOkit.com is a social network where you can leverage others experiences to help you manage your own. It is like a social network however it seems to be very anonymous.

So whether you are wondering if you should vaccinate your child or wondering when is the best time to retire and more KLOOkit.com is the place to see what others have done that may be in the same situation as you. The possibilities are endless.

For example, I was able to read about a woman that did not want to vaccinate her child because she thought that if she did it would inhibit her child’s own body to build up immunity to illnesses. Having said that I read another post where a couple gave reasons of why they did want to vaccinate their child. I was able to gather enough information to make an informed decision about vaccinations for my children.

I think this is a great tool. I can only see it getting better as more and more users add their experiences no matter what they are. I am not sure why no ono would because this tool is totally FREE.

I would really like to know if this tool is something that can help you as well. You do not have to go into specifics about your situation however I would just like to know if this is useful to you. http://KLOOkit.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


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