Many American jet-setters and baby-boomers who have had their sights set on a vacation, time warp back to the ‘50s, have had Cuba on their bucket list for quite some time now. Classic cars, beautiful beaches, and contemporary art abound in Old Havana and many of the charming, Spanish colonial towns that dot the island.

President Obama’s announcement last December loosened travel restrictions between America and Cuba, as well as slated the re-opening of an American Embassy in Havana. Cigar and rum aficionados will be excited to hear that Americans traveling to Cuba are now able to import $400 worth of goods home to America, but only $100 worth of these goods can consist of tobacco products and alcohol combined. A nice Cuban cigar will run you $20-30 bucks, so it’s definitely better than not being able to bring home any stogies at all.

Check out this infographic to find out how to get to Cuba legally, as well as what you’ll need before you go and the best places to visit once you’re in.



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