Becoming a parent is a constant learning process.  No one will fault you for not knowing everything right out of the starting gate.  That’s why it’s important to seek out advice for those things you aren’t sure about.  One thing that a lot of parents are completely clueless about it dental hygiene.  Did you know it starts at birth?  That’s right: you’re supposed to wipe down your baby’s gums after meals, brush those teeth as soon as they erupt, and start seeing a dentist every six months at the age of 1.

There are also a lot of things that many parents do that is working against them.  Common practices like licking the baby’s pacifier, sharing utensils, and testing the bottle temperature with your mouth could all be adding to your child’s tooth decay.  Making a few minor modifications to your daily routine can help your child have a lifetime of good dental hygiene.  Learn more from this infographic.



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