First of all please do not think that I am in any way being a sore loser or a whining brat due to the fact that neither one of the teams were the teams that I wanted to be in the Superbowl in the first place. I really just wanted it to be an amazing game of which it was up until the last play.

In the first quarter Brady was executing and running all over the Seahawks which made me think “Wow,  come on Seattle don’t make it that easy” but then in the second half the Seahawks started picking up the pace.  Now it was starting to be a Superbowl game – you could not have asked for a better game. It was going back and forth making it anyone’s game. Very exciting to say the least.

Then all of the sudden it was Patriots 28 and Seahawks 24 and Kearse makes an amazing catch that landed the Seahawks basically on the Patriots goal line. Literally a yard and a half from a touchdown that could have allowed the Seahawks to come back and win the game. Whoasuper-bowl-catch-3-e1422851864154!!!

But before I get to my point let me take it back a bit. The Patriots defense had a very tough time stopping Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch whom Russell was dishing it off to in order to gain yards pushing the Seahawks down the field to get them closer and closer to the Patriots end zone.

Now back to the catch that brought the Seahawks a yard and a half from the Patriots goal line in the last quarter with only 20 seconds left in the game. In my mind there would have been no question with Russell once again dishing it off to Lynch so that he can do his thing by punching it right through the Patriots defensive line and scoring an easy goal. Remember it has already been proven that Lynch can rush for a lot of yards against the Patriots defense as he only needed a yard and a half to score. One would think that would be an easy touch down. However it was not the case. Someone from the Seahawk’s offensive coordinator’s staff called for a pass. Who does that? Honestly, in all the years of football and at the least seeing what you just did to get where you are now, The Superbowl, a yard and a half from winning THE SUPERBOWL.

In my mind now, was this always the plan?   I am thinking this is so sketchy. Was that bad play call for the benefit of Tom Brady and his superbowl record, The ball deflation issue? I do not know. It smells fishy to me.tom-brady-celebrating-interception-super-bowl

I would really love to know whom else feels this way or would also love someone to enlighten me. I was really enjoying the game. I would have felt better if they gave the ball to Lynch and the Patriots somehow stopped him an inch from the goal line and the Patriots still winning. I am having a hard time understanding why the offensive coordinator would call a pass play under these conditions.
Someone please enlighten me or explain to me this nonsense to me. LOL

I would really like to know your thoughts. Let’s discuss this. I may even call an ITN panel together so we can have a serious discussion on this. Who is with me or who is not I still want to know?


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