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So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

I first started writing for HicksNewMedia back in April of 2011. At the time I was writing primarily for my own site and for Macgasm. I wrapped up writing for Macgasm on a regular basis in July of 2011 and focused more on writing for The Tech Scoop and INFOtainment News. During my tenure with HicksNewMedia, I have posted about 100 articles. Some of them were news related while others were reviews. Despite all of the time spent writing for the sites, I am announcing that this will be my last post for HicksNewMedia.

The best aspect of writing for HicksNewMedia, besides the exposure, has been that no topic is really off-limits. Some of the more off-the-wall topics that I have written about include the controversy around Brad Paisley’s song, Accidental Racist, Online Dating, and my review of Lego City Undercover.

Even though I am leaving, I will stay in touch with the team at HicksNewMedia team. I would like to thank every reader of the site. Regardless of when you started reading the site, even if they just stopped by once, I sincerely appreciate. Most importantly, I would like to thank James for providing me an opportunity to keep writing about technology and various other topics. I will not say that I will never post on here again, I might, but only time can know if that happens.

If you want to continue to follow what I do, you can do so by following me on Twitter at @waynedixon or visiting my website at


Wayne Dixon

I'm into anything technology related. I do some HTML/CSS/PHP development. I like to follow things that most people would find annoying or not worthwhile. I follow Apple, Microsoft, Google, The Cloud, cell phones and even programming. By Day I'm a Systems Administrator for a Library, which has it's own set of issues. Follow me on Twitter.

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