If you’ve ever walked into a room in your home and felt overwhelmed by what you saw, chances are it’s time to declutter.  Clutter can stress you out and make you feel like your home is being invaded by junk.  Making sure everything is in its proper place will help you feel relaxed and happy in your home.

Start by decluttering one small area in each room.  Try the junk drawer in the kitchen or under the sink in the bathroom first.  Get rid of anything you don’t need and don’t use, and put together an organization system for the stuff you do use.  Even finishing a small project like those can really help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Make sure you are making the most of your spaces.  Don’t use your closets for long-term storage.  Don’t use your garage to store broken junk.  Designate spaces for specific needs.  Learn more about decluttering your home from this infographic.

decluttering 550


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