Gambling can be a lot of fun, but as with all things fun you have to be mindful and practice moderation.  The United States leads the world in many things, including the number of casinos.  We clock in at around 1500, with France a distant second at 200.  We sure to like to do it big when we do it in the United States.  We also have a lot of gambling addicts as well- an estimated 15-20 million people, or enough to fill 214 NFL football stadiums.

Gambling is fun and can be very rewarding for the pleasure centers in our brains, regardless of whether we are winning.  It plays into our natural optimism, making us feel hopeful.  But when you become addicted that hope turns to hopelessness- an estimated 76% of gambling addicts report symptoms of depression.  There is hope for gambling addiction, though, as long as it is treated properly.  Learn more about gambling facts and figures as well as gambling addiction from this infographic.




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